DefiboxDAO Charter V2.0

Second DefiboxDAO Organization:
DefiboxDAO is consist of all BOX holders, DefiboxDAO Board, DefiboxDAO Professional Committees, DefiboxDAO Observers and DefiboxDAO Executive Team Representative.
DefiboxDAO Board:
DefiboxDAO Board (hereinafter called “Board”) is consist of 4 members which are selected automatically from top 4 candidates.
Responsibilities & Rights For Board Members:
1. Board members need to pass Defibox official qualification selection. Then by BOX DAO voting, top 4 members are automatically selected as Board members;
2. Participate Board meetings, listen to the monthly report and development plan from executive team, check and approve Defibox quarterly work plan;
3. Fulfil duties of Board members, participate the management of DAO Forum; improve, check and approve the DIP drafts;
4. Each Board member has 1 proposal right;
5. Board members enjoy Board incentives, A fixed reward of 100 BOX per month; Attendance reward that requires 5 formal meetings attendance, each meeting rewarded with 50 BOX.
DefiboxDAO Professional Committees
DefiboxDAO Professional Committees (hereinafter called “Committee”) are hired by Board, consist of up to 5 members.
Responsibilities & Rights For Committee Members
1. Committee members are hired by Board, consist of up to 5 members;
2. Provide consulting service and give professional advice for Board;
3. Actively participate in the bounty tasks issued by the Board;
4. Committee members enjoy Committee incentives which is fixed reward of 60 BOX per month with a priority to claim bounty task.
DefiboxDAO Board Secretary
DefiboxDAO Board Secretary: Selected from DefiboxDAO members by the Board in the final meeting before new election, and is responsible for the next term DefiboxDAO operation.
Responsibilities & Rights For Board Secretary:
1. Secretary is selected from DefiboxDAO members by the Board in the final meeting before new election;
2. Secretary has 1 proposal right and enjoys Secretary incentives;
3. Secretary is responsible for daily management of Board: organizing DAO Election, organizing DAO meetings, distributing development task, etc. Fair and open principle shall be followed;
4. Secretary enjoys monthly fixed reward of 150 BOX and attendance reward that requires 5 formal meetings attendance, each meeting rewarded with 50 BOX.
DefiboxDAO Observer:
Power requires oversight. DefiboxDAO Observers (herein referred to as: Observers), as witnesses watching the operation of DAO, are an important part of DAO.
Responsibilities & Rights For DefiboxDAO Observer:
1. Observers are selected automatically from Top 5 - 8 in the election, up to 4 members;
2. Observers have no proposal right but enjoy Observer incentives with monthly fixed reward of 25 BOX;
3. Observers, as DAO witnesses, must be honest and truthful to the community to maintain the spirit of DAO;
4. Observers during the term automatically become Defibox volunteers and need to fulfill their duties as volunteers.
DefiboxDAO Executive Team Representatives:
DefiboxDAO executive team representative (herein referred to as: Representative), as the executor of Defibox project development, is responsible for project development.
Responsibilities & Rights For Executive Team Representative:
1. Representative is selected by Defibox executive team to serve DefiboxDAO.
2. Representative has no proposal right or DefiboxDAO incentives.
3. Representative is responsible for the communication between DefiboxDAO members and the executive team, conveying DefiboxDAO's resolutions to the executive team and ensuring smooth implementation.
Board Resolution:
Decisions concerning Defibox will be determined by Board resolution. Each Board member has 1 proposal right. The proposal right allows abstention and follows the majority rule; the approval fails if the votes are equal.
If there are 4 members or more from Board or Observers request a BOX DAO voting, then this issue shall be decided by BOX DAO voting.
Term Period:
DefiboxDAO Election is launched for every 6 months; During the term, if supplementation of Board members is needed, Observers will be selected as Board members based on their rank in election. The members of Committees are determined by the Board according to the development needs; DefiboxDAO members cannot hold multiple positions at the same time;
Incentive Mechanism:
When DefiboxDAO is established, part of BOX tokens will be released to DefiboxDAO participants; The token amount and ratio will be determined by Board members.
Bounty Rewards:
Defibox is a decentralized project, and community participation has always been one of the core spirits of decentralization. BOX DAO funds and audit, marketing, operating funds can be used for bounty rewards. Based on the needs of the project, members of the Board will initiate a bounty reward for recruiting community volunteers (Committee members have priority to claim the task) to complete tasks such as UI design, smart contract writing, front-end page, back-end server construction, white paper writing, DIP writing, etc. Based on the difficulty and workload, each bounty reward will be 200 - 1000 BOX.
Responsibilities and duties need to be fulfilled as a DefiboxDAO members, otherwise the membership might be lost:
Responsibilities for members: Fulfil Responsibilities for members in DefiboxDAO Charter;
Community obligation: Behaviors that Impair Defibox Community;
For the members that do not fulfil the responsibilities, it will be notified in DefiboxDAO and Board members will vote to decide whether to deprive of their membership.
Information Disclosure
Defibox Official will examine the real name and relevant qualifications, and only disclose necessary information about candidate qualifications on the DefiboxDAO Election Page.
Election Rule
1. Qualification confirm for applicants
1.1 The candidate have 1000 BOX of any term in BSS (including locked already), and hand in application form;
1.2 Defibox Official will contact the candidate, checking the authenticity of account,contact info and qualifications;
1.3 If selection is passed, the candidate info will be shown inDefiboxDAO Election Page with direction to voting page and necessary information about candidate qualification will be disclosed.
2. Voting Process
2.1 All candidates will be in BOX DAO voting for election after basic selection with no profession restrictions.
3. List of winners
Candidates need to pass Defibox official qualification selection. Then by BOX DAO voting, they will be selected up to Top 4 to be Board members; Top 5 - 8 as Observers; 72 hours after close of voting, the winner list and inauguration will be announced.
Professions reference:
1. Expertise on DeFi, familiar with swap, lending, stablecoin, etc. Deep knowledge on the combination of DeFi, have judgement on Defibox tokenomics and DIP;
2. Representative of Backup BP and BP on EOS;
3. Experienced on project development, able to develop project.
1. Legal consultant: offer legal advice to Defibox DIPs so that they meet up the requirement of regulations and laws;
2. Risk consultant: offer advice to DeFi product and relevant parameters for risk control;
3. Safety Consultant: Offer advice on the safety issue of DeFi protocol and satellite protocol;
4. Other types of consultant: depends on the professions of applicants.
1. Key opinion leaders of communities;
2. Independent writers;
3. Media agencies;
4. Representatives of promotions;
5. Defibox volunteers.
*Profession information for reference only, no limit on professions for election.